When you’re in pain, all you want is relief! That’s exactly what Dr. Aslanian and his team provided me. He eased my anxiety and explained what was going on with my teeth in an easy to understand way. Plus, he did it with a smile and a sense of humor. He’s informative, personable and talented — a winning combination.   Jess Ponce – Burbank, CA


The ever so dreaded wisdom teeth removal…for the sheer terror of what that
entailed I had put off the procedure.  After my last dental visit, I was told I
needed to remove all four wisdom teeth.  I am happy to report that my experience
was nothing short of amazing!!! Sounds weird, but it’s very true. Dr Aslanian and
his superb staff made the entire experience relaxing, fun and hassle free. Yes,
fun! From the immaculate office to the friendly yet professional staff, it’s
impossible not to recommend Dr Aslanian. I am thankful and grateful for the
fantastic service and comforting experience.  Jackie Balian – Los Angeles, CA